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Leaving Sin Behind You

The Last Day of Unleavened Bread

A Study Outline


I. We have kept the Passover, symbolizing the sacrifice of Jesus Christ through His shed blood for our sins, that we might have eternal life like He does. The blood of the lamb on the doorpost and lintel of the Israelites’ houses saved the firstborn from death by the death angel.

A. John 19:34. “But one of the soldiers with a spear pierced his side, and forthwith came there out blood and water.”

B. Colossians 1:12-14. “Giving thanks unto the Father, which has made us meet to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in light: who has delivered us from the power of darkness, and has translated us into the kingdom of his dear Son: in whom we have redemption through his blood, even the forgiveness of sins:”

C. Hebrews 9:11-22. “But Christ being come an high priest of good things to come, by a greater and more perfect tabernacle, not made with hands, that is to say, not of this building; neither by the blood of goats and calves, but by his own blood he entered in once into the holy place, having obtained eternal redemption for us. For if the blood of bulls and of goats, and the ashes of a heifer sprinkling the unclean, sanctifies to the purifying of the flesh: how much more shall the blood of Christ, who through the eternal spirit offered himself without spot to God, purge your conscience from dead works to serve the living God? And for this cause he is the mediator of the new testament, that by means of death, for the redemption of the transgressions that were under the first testament, they which are called might receive the promise of eternal inheritance. For where a testament is, there must also of necessity be the death of the testator. For a testament is of force after men are dead: otherwise it is of no strength at all while the testator lives. Whereupon neither the first testament was dedicated without blood. For when Moses had spoken every precept to all the people according to the law, he took the blood of calves and of goats, with water, and scarlet wool, and hyssop, and sprinkled both the book, and all the people, Saying, This is the blood of the testament which God has enjoined unto you. Moreover he sprinkled with blood both the tabernacle, and all the vessels of the ministry.”

1. There can be no remission (8599, aphesis, “freedom or pardon”) of sin without the shedding of blood

2. Leviticus 17.11. “For the life of the flesh is in the blood: and I have given it to you upon the altar to make an atonement for your souls: for it is the blood that makes an atonement for the soul”. Atonement (3722, kaphar, “to cover (specifically with asphalt), to expiate or condone, to placate or cancel”) is very similar in meaning to aphesis, and implies a total removal and casting off of sins.

3. The Eternal removes our sins utterly from us; Psalm 103:8-18. “The LORD is merciful and gracious, slow to anger, and plenteous in mercy. He will not always chide: neither will he keep his anger for ever. He has not dealt with us after our sins; nor rewarded us according to our iniquities. For as the heaven is high above the earth, so great is his mercy toward them that fear him. As for as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us. Like as a father pities his children, so the LORD pities them that fear him. For he knows our frame; he remembers that we are dust. As for man, his days are as grass: as a flower of the field, so he flourishes. For the wind passes over it, and it is gone; and the place thereof shall know it no more. But the mercy of the LORD is from everlasting to everlasting upon them that fear him, and his righteousness unto children’s children; To such as keep his covenant, and to those that remember his commandments of do them.”

D. Why did blood of the perfect, sinless One (Hebrews 4:15) have to be shed for us that we might have eternal life? Why not simply tears be shed, or death come through some disease or accident? Because “life is in the blood”, which liquid contains the oxygen, energy, and electrolytes, plus the cleansing power, that maintains our body’s cells, which allow us to function … to do things. Without any activity there is no existance, and life ceases into nothingness.

II. For six days we have traveled out of Eygpt, leaving that symbol of sin behind us, and headed toward the Red Sea for the final confrontation with the Satanic forces that wish to re-enslave us.

A. Exodus 12:37-41; 13:17-22. Exodus 13:21-22 says they traveled by both day and night, as the pillar of fire gave them light to see at night; a full moon was not necessary. Their entire journey was about 250 miles, or about 40 miles per day to reach the Red Sea crossing by the evening of the sixth day.

B. Exodus 14:1-20. Israel camped by the Red Sea, the mountains on one side, the Egyptian army on another side, and the water on the other side. They had nowhere to turn except to Yahweh Himself for their salvation. Do we ever find ourselves in that position?

C. Likewise, we often find ourselves “boxed in” by circumstances beyond our control into which we have been forced, in order to build us up in character and show the power of God to deliver us from all evil.

1. Matthew 6:13. “And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: for thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen.”

2. It is not God who tempts us to sin, but He allows us to make mistakes in order that we might grow into His character, and view the power of His deliverance. James 1:12-15. “Blessed is the man that endures temptation: for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life, which the Lord has promised to them that love him. Let no man say when he is tempted, I am tempted of God: for God cannot be tempted with evil, neither tempts he any man. But every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lust, and enticed. Then when lust has conceived, it brings forth sin: and sin, when it is finished, brings forth death.”

III. Finally, the seventh day of Unleavened Bread arrived.

A. All night the cloud stood between the Israelites [God’s chosen ones] and the Egyptians [Satan personified], giving light to Israel and thick darkness to the Egyptians (Exodus 14:20).

B. God then caused a “strong east wind” to blow all night, and the waters of the Red Sea divided, allowing a passageway for the people to cross (Exodus 14:22-23).

C. The Egyptians were lured into following the Israelites across the Red Sea, but were thwarted by mud until the waters collapsed upon them, and they were all killed (Exodus 14:24-28).

D. True to His word, in seven days He delivered Israel from the land of sin, even utterly destroying the army of Satan in the process (Exodus 14:29-31). He had promised that the Israelites do nothing except walk in the way that He directed for them, and He would fight their battle. Exodus 14:13-14. “And Moses said unto the people, Fear not, stand still, and see the salvation of the LORD, which he will show to you today: for the Egyptians whom you have seen today, you shall see them again no more for ever. The LORD shall fight for you, and you shall hold your peace.”

E. We likewise have been delivered from the land of sin and its prince, the Devil, when we received the holy spirit at baptism and the laying on of hands, cleansed by the blood of Jesus Christ. I Corinthians 10:1-4. “Moreover, brethren, I would not that you should be ignorant, how that all our fathers were under the cloud, and all passed through the sea; and were all baptized unto Moses in the cloud and in the sea; And did all eat the same spiritual meat; and did all drink the same spiritual drink; for they drank of that spiritual Rock that followed them: and that Rock was Christ.”

IV. We have had our sins removed in baptism through Christ’s blood sacrifice, but we must then continue walking in the spirit and overcoming sin.

A. Many Israelites were struck dead in the wilderness because of sin, after crossing the Red Sea . I Corinthians 10:5-11. “But with many of them God was not well pleased: for they were overthrown in the wilderness. Now these things were our examples, to the intent we should not lust after evil things, as they also lusted. Neither be idolaters, as were some of them; as it is written, The people sat down to eat and drink, and rose up to play. Neither let us commit fornication, as some of them committed, and fell in one day three and twenty thousand. Neither let us tempt Christ, as some of them also tempted, and were destroyed of serpents. Neither murmur as some of them also murmured, and were destroyed of the destroyer. Now all these things happened unto them for examples: and they are written for our admonition, upon whom the ends of the world are come.”

B. Ultimately, only Joshua and Caleb, out of all Israel 20 years old and older, actually entered the Promised Land. The ten spies’ faithlessness, and the Israelites who believed them, in not accepting His power to deliver them from the Canaanite tribes proved to be their undoing. Numbers 14:22-23. “Because all those men which have seen my glory, and my miracles, which I did in Egypt and in the wilderness, and have tempted me now these ten times, and have not hearkened to my voice; surely they shall not see the land which I sware unto their fathers, neither shall any of them that provoked me see it:”

C. Yet, Yahweh declared that “… your little ones … will I bring in, and they shall know the land which you have despised” (Numbers 14:31).

D. We are those “little ones” that are to enter into the Promised Land, the heavenly Kingdom that Jesus Christ, the first of the firstfruits, will administer very shortly.

1. Matthew 18:3-5. “And [Jesus] said, Verily I say unto you, Except you be converted, and become as little children, you shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven. And who shall receive one such little child in my name receives me.”

2. Romans 8:29. “For whom he did foreknow, he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the first born among many brethren.”

3. I Corinthians 15:23. “But every man in his own order: Christ the firstfruits; afterward they that are Christ’s at his coming.”

4. Revelation 14:4. “These are they which were not defiled with women; for they are virgins. These are they which follow the Lamb wherever he goes. These were redeemed from among men, being the firstfruits unto God and to the Lamb.”

V. Let us truly move forward in obedience and faithfulness toward our heavenly Father, and toward Jesus Christ at His right hand, knowing that our salvation is assured if we do not deny Him.

Hebrews 2:1-4. “Therefore we ought to give the more earnest heed to the things which we have heard, lest at any time we should let them slip. For if the word spoken by angels was steadfast, and every transgression and disobedience received a just recompence of reward; how shall we escape, if we neglect so great a salvation; which at the first began to be spoken by the Lord, and was confirmed unto us by them that heard him; God also bearing them witness, both with signs and wonders, and with divers miracles, and gifts of the holy spirit, according to his own will?”