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New world vision

Vision of a New World

A Study Outline


I. It is extremely important that we all have a vision of the future age … not just a vision, but an accurate vision: if you don’t, Scripture says you will perish.

A. Proverbs 29:18. “Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keeps the law, happy is he.”

vision (2377) = chazoun, “a sight, i.e. a dream, revelation, or oracle.” From chazah (2372), “to gaze at, perceive, contemplate (with pleasure); spec. to have a vision of.”

B. If we know what the future truly holds, we will be motivated to live each day in the reality of that hope.

II. What do we see in our present culture? We can truly say that “Satan … deceives the whole world …” (Rev. 12:9), for there is rather little on earth that he has not corrupted in some way. It is a world filled with greed and selfishness.

A. Food.

1. Food crops are usually produced on farms far away from the consumer; the average food item travels over 1,000 miles from where it was grown.

2. Based on chemical concepts of fertilizers, pesticides, and big machinery.

3. Seeds and germ plasm have a more and more narrow genetic base, and most seeds of corn, cotton, and canola, and soybeans i the U.S.are now genetically modified.

4. Profit is the major motive, so food quality takes second place to high yields, whereas food is supposed to be raised to produce health for the consumer!

5. Now companies like Monsanto, Cargill, and other global corporations are trying — with considerable success — to control production from soil to table.

6. Supermarkets sustain the population.

B. Water.

1. Not a lot of really pure water is left on planet earth; lakes and streams, and even oceans are becoming increasingly polluted.

2. Most city water is chlorinated and fluoridated, both elements toxic to human health.

C. Air. Pollution fouls the air in many places with automobile and truck fumes, and manufacturing plant gases.

D. Education. Government schools remove children from parents, and so often teach them that wrong is right, that God is not the Creator, that homosexuality is okay, and the Commandments are not important to keep.

E. Government. Many, if not most, officials are totally self-centered at higher levels of government, and are trying to bring the U.S. and all nations into a New World Order, one world government.

F. War and aggression. Wars, with men killing men, have occurred since Canin first killed Abel; they have continued unabated up to the present time.

G. Energy, Economy, and Money.

1. Debt is incredible at all levels, both public and private, and the U.S. has been a debtor nation since the 1930’s.

2. Money and materialism reign supreme: if one does not have much wealth and many possessions he is viewed as quite worthless by those that have wealth.

3. Banks hold much clout in society, charging usury and encouraging debt so interest can be increased.

4. Now the government and business work hand-in-hand, many top officials changing high positions between the two; the government rules business by regulation, which is called fascism in most dictionaries.

5. Because of banking policies, and those of the Federal Reserve System, our lives are literally held ransom to the powers controlling our money, and the result is fiat paper money having no intrinsic value, with inflation robbing us of our increase.

6. Our energy needs are wrapped up in petroleum and coal, in he hands of a few mostly multi-national corporations that can charge whatever they want at the gas pump; our electrical distribution is highly vulnerable to breakdown in a moment from well-placed terrorist bombs.

H. Health.

1. Much of the population is kept in a constant state of sickness from foodless foods, tainted water, and unsafe working conditions. Well over half of the populations takes prescription drugs, not to mention the illegal types.

2. So many people work inside at sedentary jobs, away from the sun and fresh air, so it is no wonder that heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, and cancer rates are so high.

3. Doctors and hospitals have no incentive to make people well, for their profits are made on sickness.

I. Entertainment and Communications.

1. The forces of evil dictate that movies and television programs be filled with murder, illicit sex, violence, gossip, scandals, and disregard for parents and the helpless.

2. A totally fanciful and illogical view on proper living is given to viewers and listeners, constantly communicating evil to pliable minds.

3. Drugs and alcohol have become the tonic of choice for so many.

4. Music has totally degenerated into rap, rock, metal, and assorted mish-mash that is sensual, rebellious, and usually Satanic.

5. Computers rule so much of what we do, at work and at home.

J. Population. Illegal aliens are encouraged to pour across the borders, not just in the U.S. but in countries the world over. Moslems especially are pouring into Europe, Canada, and the U.S., besides Mexicans infiltrating the southern border of the U.S..

K. Clothing. So much of it is sensual, designed to reveal the human body rather than reflect modesty.

III. We need to understand who is the author of this present society, and that it will utterly pass away from off the face of the earth.

A. Satan is the God of this world. II Cor. 4:4; Eph 2:2.

B. Yet, Satan will be bound, and cast into the bottomless pit at the end of this age, “…that he should deceive the nations no more …” until after the 1,000 years. Rev. 20:1-3.

C. This system will fall in its entirety, as typified by Babylon’s fall in Rev. 18.

1. Rev. 18:19-23. The merchants of the earth were the great men of the earth: the Monsantos, the Cargills, the Wal-Marts, the Targets, the Exons, the Yahoos, the eBays … these are the ones being addressed here.

2. Note how Satan’s first sin was that of merchandising (Ezek. 28:15-16, 18):  “Your were perfect in your ways from the day that you were selected, till iniquity was found in you. By the multitude of your merchandising they have filled the midst of you with violence, and you have sinned …. You have defiled your sanctuaries by the multitude of your iniquities, by the iniquity of your traffic….”

D. Daniel 2 pictures the finality of the destruction of this present day system of life.

1. Daniel 2:26-35. Daniel describes the dream of King Nebuchadnezzar.

2. Daniel 2:36-45. Daniel explains the dream.

3. Note that verse 35 states the image is turned to dust, and blows away.

4. Verse 44 says this new Kingdom — smashed by the Rock (Christ) in verse 36 — “… shall break in pieces and consume all those kingdoms, and it shall stand forever.”

IV. What will arise from the ashes of this deposed world of Satan’s design?

A. A basic understanding: the world will become an Eden.

1. Eden (5731) = Eden, the same as 5730 = eden, “pleasure”, from 5727 = adan, “to be soft or pleasant; fig. or refl. to live voluptuously.”

2. The future life for people in the coming age will be like that experienced by Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

3. Genesis 2:7-9. Everything was good in this wonderful place: trees and plants were beautiful to look upon, and they produced wonderful food, plus the tree of life which engendered eternal life in the flesh (Gen. 2:16-17; 3:2-3).

4. Isaiah 51:3. Zion will become as Eden, as will wilderness areas.

5. Ezekiel 36:35. Desolate land will become like the Garden of Eden.

B. Another basic understanding: God’s character will reign throughout this 1,000 years. Satan will have been put away, and his nature of DEATH: greed, hate, jealously, and selfishness. God’s character of LIFE will prevail: love, joy, peace, moderation, kindness, gentleness, and so forth (Galatians 5:22-23; I Cor. 13:1-13; Philip. 4:8).

C. Weather and climate.

1. Genesis 1:6-7. A water canopy above the atmosphere will be reinstated that will help distribute energy from the equator to the poles, making life livable and pleasant over the entire globe.

2. Genesis 2:5-6. A mist will water the earth. Mist (108) = ed, “an enveloping fog.”

3. Mountain ranges will be lowered so moist air will be able to penetrate lands all across continents, without the moisture wrung out of them that would create deserts. Note end-time earthquakes that signal lowering of mountain ranges: Rev. 16:17-18.

4. With the reinstated water canopy the sunlight will be filtered more perfectly to give us the best possible sunlight: no more sunburn, and no squinting at the sun.

5. Great storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, torrential rains, droughts, and the like will only be a faded memory

6. Air and water will be pristeen and pure.

D. Land.

1. There will be much more land exposed above water, to be populated: islands will “flee away” as land rises around them and the continental shelves are exposed (Rev. 16:20), and perhaps half of the water in the oceans will be raised up above the atmosphere, thus exposing more land.

2. The land will have received a good dose of space dust, and earth dust of volcanic ash, from the great collisions with asteroids and meters (Rev. 8:6-12), and from gigantic dust storms during the 3 1/2 years of drought preceding Christ’s return (Rev. 11:6).

3. Land exposed from beneath the sea will be highly fertile, once some salts are removed.

4. In total, the soils of the earth will have received a massive dose of plant-essential minerals to give wonderful plant growth and highly productive and nutritious food crops. This effect will be coupled with improved solar radiation quality and optimum watering conditions. See Gen. 2:9; Amos 9:13-15.

5. Gravity will be less, as before the Flood, when huge people and animals and gigantic plants lived. One reason we don’t live so long today is because of this force of gravity; the larger dinosaurs, who lived in the pre-Adamic period, could not get off the ground in today’s gravity, nor could pterodactyls fly.

E. People, plants, animals, fish, and birds.

1. Many species of animals, birds, fish, and plants of all types that have been lost over millennia will be either recreated, or be changed to their proper form.

2. The land will be lush and productive beyond belief! All of creation will exude the character of Almighty God!

3. Isaiah 55:12-134

4. Isaiah 11:6-9

5. Isaiah 35:1-10

6. Is not this type of green, lush environment exactly what we all crave!

7. Notice the genetic, body-wide changes in the lion, converted from a carnivore into a grass-eating, gentle animal (Isa. 11:7).

8. The nature of animals to be violent and afraid of mankind (Gen. 9:2) will be replaced by a spirit of gentleness and kindness (Gal. 5:22-23).

9. Because of pure air, water, food, and solar radiation, plus changes in the earth’s geomagnetic field, and the removal of pollutants, people will likely live the entire 1,000 years: see Isa. 65:20. Gone will be the medical profession, drugs, and pharmaceutical companies.

10. Life will be filled with joy and fulfillment, not sorrow, pain, and tears (Isa. 65:17-19). According to Josephus, “He [Cain] also introduced a change in that way of simplicity wherein men lived before, and was the author of measures and weights. And whereas they lived innocently and generously while they knew nothing of such arts, he changed the world into cunning craftiness.”

11. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just be supplied our needs freely, without worry of how much something cost, or measuring amounts of things in exchange for money? Satan has changed God’s original system so that now people can work the system and accumulate paper or digital “wealth” by working with the banking and merchandising system of weights and measures, play the Stock Market, speculate on property and commodities, and gamble in many other non-productive ways.

F. Communities and community setting.

1. People will be permanently and securely planted on land that can never be boughten and sold, so it will not pass out of the family: Amos 9:14-15; Micah 4:4; Zech. 3:10.

2. The fear and threat of losing one’s land and house due to taxation or default on loans will be gone.

3. Houses and farmsteads will be spaced apart from one another so people have time to meditate in a quiet, serene, and beautiful setting (Isa. 5:8).

4. Strong families will be the emphasis, and strong friendships, for God is the author of them (Matt. 19:4-6; John 15:14).

5. All areas of the earth will be beautiful and will produce food that is good for man and beast (Gen. 2:9).

G. Government, economics, and care of the land (it is hard to separate them).

1. Jesus Christ will be King of kings and Lord of lords (Rev. 19:16), and will rule on the earth along with the saints who have been resurrected (Rev. 5:10; 20:4; 11:15; I Cor. 15:50-52; I Thess. 4:13-17; Isa. 9:6-7).

2. There will be no paid career politicians, but spirits (us!) who will guide people in the right way (Isa. 30:21).

3. The present policies of government and economics that demand the exploitation of resources for short-term gain will be gone, in favor of God’s policies of love to one’s neighbor, and long-term stewardship of the land and its resources He has given us.

4. The nations will be agrarian in nature!

5. Food will be grown locally, and at no cost (Micah 4:4; isa. 55:1), available throughout the landscape on trees and plants that produce throughout the year. It will be eaten fresh, and tree-ripened, at the optimum of flavor and nutritional value.

6. The diet will vegetarian (Gen. 1:29), but with many plant species restored that were lost for food in ages past. Food stores and supermarkets will be gone!

7. Usury will be outlawed, and the needy will be helped to get their feet on the ground without having loans … by free gifts; debts will be forgiven (Lev. 25:35-37; Matt. 6:12-15; 7:7-11; Deut. 15:7-11; Luke 6:34-35). Banks will be gone!

8. The nature of the Land Sabbath and the Jubilee Year pictures the nature of the seventh 1,000 years of man on the earth: no planting, no commercial harvesting, return of landowners to their possessions at no cost … everything just the opposite of what the modern industrial economy demands … the difference between an economy based on death and selfishness vs. an economy based on life and love.

9. No taxes will be charged, for God owns the land (Hag. 2:8), and He will not charge “rent” to those to whom He gives it to use.

10. Energy will be from livestock and people, there is no evidence that petroleum or coal or electricity will be used in the Kingdom, although there could be some free-energy sources used. The key will be how the energy source is used to create a society filled with joy, peace, prosperity, and love. Gone will be hydroelectric dams, power grids, power transmission lines, and multitudes of unneeded electricity-powered motors, machines, and computers.

11. Transportation will likely be by foot and animal. Why travel by fast cars, trains, and airplanes when they are totally out of harmony with the biorhythms planted within God’s created creatures? Why not live within the speed that God has ordained and experience excellent health instead of the ills that come from a fast-paced, ulcer-inducing lifestyle?

12. Roads as we have them will not be needed … only foot and animal roads and paths. Perhaps there will be some sort of anti-gravity devices, and we surely can envision wind-powered ship travel. Gone will be the auto and machine makers, and heavy road and airport construction.

13. Industry as we know it will be gone, and the corporations that run the world. These man-made corporations are given the legal power of individuals in today’s world, but are faceless and essentially serve only boards of directors and the profit motive, and encourage the separation of fathers, mothers, and children.

14. This world will be filled with true riches … many physical things indeed, but most importantly the love of all people for God and for one another (Matt. 7:12).

H. Justice system.

1. God’s laws in people’s hearts will be the Constitution of the new age (Heb. 8:10-11; Micah 4:1-2).

2. Only those that listen to Jesus Christ will survive on into the coming age (Acts 3:23), and these people will learn God’s ways.

3. Gone will be prisons, police forces, and jails, plus the thievery, murders, and other lawlessness that feed them. Gone will be the law profession that thrives on conflict and debate.

4. Law enforcement multiplies in proportion to the degree that people forsake the laws of God. With those laws followed, then there is no need for law enforcement.

I. Military.

1. There will be so armies to wage war, or arms manufactured by a vast military-industrial complex, for peace will reign among men and nations (Micah 4:3).

2. Gone will be armaments and armies, airforces, and battle ships.

J. Entertainment and communications.

1. Music will be designed to uplift people in the fear of God (Eph. 5:18-19; Col. 3:16).

2. Gone will be sensual, chaotic, rebellious music like rock-and-roll, rap, metal, and others.

3. Competitive sports as we know it will be a thing of the past, which pits man against man, and keeps the population on a war footing. Cannot games be played that are designed to serve one’s friends, like batting a ball over a net in a way that helps the other person return it, not try to prevent him from hitting it back. Competition and love of neighbor are incompatible. Gone will be sports teams, sports fields and stadiums, and telecasts.

K. Communications by television, radio, cell-phones, HAARP, DVDs and computers.

1. These will all be unneeded.

2. Their complexities will be replaced by person-to-person speaking in a profound new language (Zeph. 3:9).

3. Gone will be broadcasting companies, radio and cell-phone towers and cell phones, and the negative health effects of these transmissions.

L. Education.

1. Education begins at home, and with families teaching their children the truth of God as a foundation for all knowledge, then all of the material, scientific knowledge man needs to operate a vibrant society will be retained in its proper perspective … not like today when machines and computers essentially rule our lifestyle.

2. Television will be gone, along with its horrible evil teaching.

3. There may be schools for teaching many disciplines like astronomy, biology, mathematics, genetics, and other important subjects, but these will likely be subjects everyone learns, and can be learned at a community level, not at big universities where pliable young people are separated from their families and friends. Gone will be the huge inveracity systems of our day.

M. Human populations.

1. People made in God’s image will remain within the boundaries of their own nations (Acts 17:26).

2. Reproduction rates may be reduced, to reverse the curse of Gen. 3:15 due to death entering in (with death came the need to reproduce at a higher rate), but people may live the entire 1,000 years!

V. All of these changes will not occur immediately, but before too many years a truly Edenic world will emerge from the building process.

A. Matt. 13:31-32. The Parable of the Mustard Seed.

B. Matt. 13:33. The Parable of the Leaven.

C. Daniel 2:35. The Stone (Christ’s realm) destroyed the image of the beast and filled the whole earth, but not overnight!

VI. We have an incredible future to look forward to, and it is worth the sacrifice of everything that we have in this world to be there, as kings and priests, and perhaps to have our physical families go on into it to reap the incredible benefits of an Edenic world.

Romans 8:18-23. “For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us. For the earnest expectation of the creature waits for the manifestation of the sons of God. For the creature was made subject to vanity, not willingly, but by reason of him who has subjected the same in hope. Because the creature itself also shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God. For we know that the whole creation groans and travails in pain together until now. And not only they, but ourselves also, which have the firstfruits of the spirit, even we ourselves groan within our selves, waiting for the adoption, to wit, the redemption of our body.”