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Some Prophesies of Revelation

A Study Outline

I. Most of these prophesies are a prelude to the return of Jesus Christ to rule on the earth in His Kingdom.

II. Revelation ties in closely with the book of Daniel in ordering end-time events in time sequence.

III. The seven seals: see Revelation 6 and 8, and Matthew 24.

A. Seal 1 (Rev. 6:1-2): a white horse, the rider with a bow and crown; see Matt. 24:4-5, 11

B. Seal 2 (Rev. 6:3-4): a red horse, the rider with a sword; see Matt. 24:6-7

C. Seal 3 (Rev. 6:5-6): a black horse, the rider with a pair of scales; see Matt. 24:7

D. Seal 4 (Rev. 6:7-8): a sickly pale horse, the rider with the name Death and Hades

E. Seal 5 (Rev. 6:9-11): martyred saints under the altar are given white robes, and told to remain “asleep” [dead] until other martyrs are added to their number; see Gal.2:20; Ps. 44:22

F. Seal 6 (Rev. 6:12-17): an earthquake, heavenly signs, and people try to hide themselves

G. Seal 7 (Rev. 8:1): silence in heaven for half an hour; this may incorporate the trumpets below

IV. The seven trumpets: see Revelation 8, 9, and 11; several of these are global events.

A. Trumpet 1 (Rev. 8:7): fire and hail mixed with blood are thrown to the earth; a third of the earth, trees, and grass are burned

B. Trumpet 2 (Rev. 8:8-9): a huge burning meteor hits the sea; a third of the sea creatures are killed, and a third of the ships are destroyed

C. Trumpet 3 (Rev. 8:10-11): another meteor, called Wormwood, falls to the earth like a torch and pollutes a third of the rivers and springs; many are killed by the bitter waters

D. Trumpet 4 (Rev. 8:12): the sun and moon are able to shine only a third as brightly as before

E. Trumpet 5 (Rev. 9:1-11): the “shaft of the abyss” is opened, and smoke and locusts come out; the locusts torment those not having God’s seal for 5 months; Satan is the locusts’ king

F. Trumpet 6 (Rev. 9:13-21): a third of men are killed by a million-man army

G. Trumpet 7 (Rev. 11:15-19): earth’s kingdoms become Christ’s; the nations are enraged; earthquake; hail

V. The seven bowls: see Revelation 16; this concludes the total destruction of the Babylonian cultural system within which we live (Rev. 17 and 18).

A. Bowl 1 (Rev. 16:2): malignant sores on those having the beast’s mark, and who worship his image

B. Bowl 2 (Rev. 16:3): the sea becomes like the blood of a dead man; all living creatures in the sea, die

C. Bowl 3 (Rev. 16:4-7): the rivers and springs of water become like blood

D. Bowl 4 (Rev. 16:8-9): the sun increases in power and scorches men with fierce heat

E. Bowl 5 (Rev. 16:10-11): darkness on the throne of the beast; they blaspheme God for their pain

F. Bowl 6 (Rev. 16:12-16): the Euphrates River is dried up, and an army is gathered at Armageddon

G. Bowl 7 (Rev. 16:17-21): the greatest earthquake in the history of men on earth, lightning and thunder, Jerusalem is split into three parts, the cities of Babylon fall, and great hail

VI. The return of Jesus Christ, the heavenly hosts, and the saints to crush the forces of the beast

A. The actual return: Rev. 19:11-21

B. Dan. 2:31-45: Nebuchadnezzar’s dream; compare with the Parable of the Mustard Seed (Matt. 13:31-32) and the Parable of the Leaven (Matt. 13:33)

C. Satan is bound: Rev. 20:1-3

VII. The establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth for 1,000 years: Zech. 14:7-21; Rev. 20:4-6; Micah 4:3-4